It's not that this business provides bad customer service, they provide NO customer service. I called and spoke with Jonathan on Monday about a pedal I wanted to order.

He assured me that I would receive tracking information that day and that I would receive the pedal on Thursday. I called Jonathan back four times trying to get the tracking information and to find out where my pedal was (it didn't show up on Thursday) and twice was told to call back because the store wasn't opened - and that they opened at NOON on Friday. When I called back on Friday, Jonathan told me that someone bought the same pedal between when I ordered it over the phone and when I paid for it. I spoke with Jonathan and received the PayPal e-mail at 10:40 AM and send them $454.00 at 10:44 AM the same day.

What are the chances that someone came into the store (as Jonathan said happened) and bought the same pedal within four minutes? No chance. Jonathan assured me that he would send the tracking information and that I would receive the pedal on Tuesday. It is now Monday and I still have no tracking information.

Chances are good I will not receive the pedal tomorrow as promised. I will post another comment on how this all ends - if it ever ends.

In the meantime, take my (and other's) advice and look someone else to buy your gear. I've never been jerked around so much by any business as I have this one.

Monetary Loss: $454.

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Same happened to me ! Still waiting on over seven hundred dollars worth of gear !

Was told it was shipped ,no tracking , no customer service!

When I final got someone to answer the phone that is rarely in service, I've been told nothing but lies! I got the same someone bought your pedal lie and have been told my order was shipping everyday for the past two weeks Stay far away!

Rocklin, California, United States #803358

Jonathan and I worked out our differences over this initial purchase and I have bought a few more pedals from Rogue Guitar Shop since then with no problems whatsoever. I would recommend giving them a try.

They offer good prices and my pedals have always arrived USPS Priority Mail in two days.

Alkmaar, North Holland, Netherlands #787124

I concur with your story. I've had a couple of bad experiences with them due to shipping screw ups.

Their customer service is horrible. They don't take you seriously and act very unprofessional. They tried to lay a guilt trip on me when I finally filed a claim to get my money back because they were unwilling to give me a refund.

They seem to keep forgetting that THEY are responsible that a customer gets his purchase timely and in working order even if the Postal Service screws up.

Never again!!

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